Miracles are being performed, one cubical at a time.

So, I have this little bit of AWESOMENESS to share… This may get a little personal, talking about office dramas and such, but let that NOT be the focus here! I have a MAJOR praise report! Long story short, and anyone (especially female) who works in an office setting, knows there will ALWAYS be drama. Females are drama and that’s just a fact. Anyway, I LOVE my job. Love the people. Love, love, love it. We’ll just say that there is one (there’s always one) “person” that is not the easiest to get along with. You know the type… loud as a motor bike, but won’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself there. #IloveJayZ No, but really, there’s always that person that, for instance, won’t speak in the morning. YOU have to speak to them first. Maybe they’re not a morning person, right? Let’s give them the benefit here. BUT, this “person” never speaks to me in the morning. We will literally sit in silence ALL DAY, ALL 45716 hours a day, five days a week and never speak if I do not address THEM first in the morning. Yep, it’s happening. Worst things to worry about, I know, but – it gets old. It’s hard to sit RIGHT NEXT to a person, for three years, who will not speak to you. This person gets their chones in a wad if I miss work, EVER. Is this my boss? No, but they act like my not being here because I’m at home with my 5th fever or stomach virus in 2 months (hello, I have MANY children) means they will not make a deadline or something. It gets old. So, enough of that drama, I just wanted to give you some background into my big problems before I go into the awesomeness I previously spoke of.

Last Monday, I invited Sweet Hubby to take me to lunch because I needed a shoulder to cry on and a non-coworker face to vent to. That’s right, I invited him to take me to lunch. That means I pick where we go and he pays. It’s my favorite way to do lunch. I’m getting off track again… So here I am, tears on cheeks (it got real) crying about how this “person” is not nice to me and how hard it is to work in these horrible conditions, and boo hoo, whine, whine. He’s heard it all before many, many times. Sweet Hubby looks me dead in the eye and asks me in all seriousness, “Lindsay, have you given this situation to God? Like REALLY? Wholly given it to God?” Ummm, nope. I haven’t. You know how easy it is to say “I’ll pray for you” or “I’m giving this to God” or “God bless you” and it end RIGHT THERE with those words? Yeah, we ALL do it. So I decided right then and there to trust Sweet Hubby’s advice and “give it to God.”

Now for the good part. I did it. I prayed the entire drive back to work about God taking this situation and when I stepped foot back inside my office that day, I was determined to test Him. I am quite capable of putting my pride down and greeting this “person” in the mornings, so that’s exactly what I was going to do. I was going to smile. I was going to be friendly and not have my feelings hurt that this “person” wasn’t talking to me. I was going to give 110% because it wouldn’t be fair for me to ask God for help and not do my part, right? I went right over to my dump buddy and shared with her what had transpired at lunch. I call her my dump buddy because she gets to hear all of my whining and complaining and gossiping about this “person” all of the time. I said OUT LOUD that God is going to fix this situation and I wanted her to witness it. Well, I am here to tell you that EVERY SINGLE DAY since that day (almost two weeks) has been AWESOME! I have let my pride go and been approachable and friendly and what do you know, I even greet this “person” when they come in! We’ve been joking and laughing and conversing; It’s great!  I will cut my eyes and smile so big at my dump buddy because there is NO DENYING what has happened here! She just shrugs like WOW! It’s been the coolest thing that has happened to me in a while. I’m witnessing God working in my life. I can’t help but share this.


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