Holy oversensitive readership, Batman!

We’ve all seen it.

We’ve all done it.

Someone steps a bit out of the comfort zone of neutral, bland thoughts and BAM! a firestorm erupts into a full on barrage of D.R.A.M.A. One comment after the other, we’re showing how internet educated we are. Don’t you dare type that to them, though. They will then throw the list of resources they researched right at your computer screen… because we all know none of this is done face-to-face. We can get some pretty big balls behind a keyboard, wouldn’t you agree?

What would you say are the biggest topics of conflict?

Religion… Immunizations… Politics… Parenting…

But that’s what is so fun about social media, right? We get to express our opinions onto others!

Let me share a few of MY opinions and see how fast I can stir the pot.

  • I LOVE JESUS and believe in Him whole-heartedly.
  • I LOVE gay people JUST THE SAME as straight people.
  • I teach my children that being homosexual does not define a person, but that their CHARACTER defines them. The same as brown, white, black, or yellow skin doesn’t mean a dang thing. We all bleed the same color.
  • I am pro-choice. WHAT?! How can I love Jesus and love gay people and be pro-choice!?! I KNOW, RIGHT?!
  • Baby-wearing and cloth-diapering do not make you a better mother. And if you DO wear babies and you don’t own a Tula, you are not less than.
  • I think people that do dope are dopes and I do not care one bit if it’s legal or not. Drugs are bad, kids… mmmkay?
  • I don’t blame EVERYTHING on Obama and I sure don’t teach my children to hate him when they really do not have the mental capacity to fully grasp the concept. Our kids are little sponges, y’all. If mommy hates Obama, then they will hate Obama too, and they won’t even know why. Step away children, let the adults talk.
  • I do not believe immunizations are “the government’s way of making us zombies” but that they are PROVEN to save lives. Medical FACTS trump the opinions of a couple celebs.

Did I cover all of them? I’m positive one or more of those statements sparked something in you. And if you’re anything like me, you were already memorizing exactly what you were going to comment on this BLOG OF LIES!

This. This brings us back to the title of oversensitive readership. People will OWN IT, won’t they? Boy, I tell you what!

How about my favorite part of social media – when your “friends” post passive-aggressive topics that you absolutely do not agree with, but you choose to opt out of commenting to save that friendship. It happens to me every.single.day. I have friends RIGHT NOW posting topics that I wouldn’t dare comment on. Why? Because I am an oversensitive reader and want to shove my opinions down your throat. Noooooo. It’s because I respect one’s right to express their opinion. If I don’t like it, I don’t respond or I will simply unfollow you. Ha! Take that! Do you know how many people I have unfollowed on Facebook because they cuss constantly? I have unfollowed the drama momma, the serial dater/complainer, the political tyrant. I’m sure I’ve been unfollowed tons of times for things I am passionate about.

And speaking of commenting, what about the awesome meme comments?! Those are my favorite!!


Let’s all just take one step to the side and two steps back from now on when contemplating commenting on someone else’s opinions. Remember what your mother always told you…

The only difference between banging your head against a wall and arguing with oversensitive readers is that you’d eventually get through the wall.



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