Anonymous repentance. Is it enough?

I recently stumbled onto the Confessionals of “Scary Mommy” and I must say that it has become a guilty pleasure, to say the least. I’m not sure if I find solace in knowing that other people have the same thoughts as I do, or if “looking in” on someone else’s problems makes me feel better about myself.

I may or may not have submitted some of my own confessions… you will never know! 225 characters is probably not enough for all I’ve got to say anyway.

I’m not entirely certain that typing your secrets on a popular blog thread for “LIKES” “HUGS” or “ME TOO’s” counts for repentance, however. Or does it? How awesome is it to confess a horrible secret you would absolutely die if anyone ever knew, and see the “ME TOO’s” start firing? Ahhh, sweet relief… I am not alone.

I’d like to share a few of the entries that caught my attention:

I wish I wasn’t falling out of love with my husband…he’s works hard for me and the kids to provide a nice life but he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. I feel like he’s my roommate. Like (0) Hug (6) Me Too! (8) #663338

I’m one of these women that believes when I’m pregnant with a child and give birth to a child, that child is MORE mine than the man that helped create it. I carried it, I birthed it, I suffered, it’s MINE. Like (605) Hug (157) Me Too! (3631) #393399

I wish my husband’s ex would die in a tragic accident… but then I’d have to raise her children. Like (1657) Hug (236) Me Too! (4521) #29442

I judge parents who have obese kids. Like (98) Hug (34) Me Too! (2176) #277860

I cannot stop stealing pills from my parents. I can’t crush them fast enough to snort. Like (0) Hug (486) Me Too! (136) #468296 

My DS is gay. My husband on the other hand has banned him from our home and lives. I sneak out to see him, DS offered to support me if I divorce his POS father. DS put $30K on account in my name and Tuesday I see a lawyer. Like (4579) Hug (1607) Me Too! (54) #46308

I’m raising a son that is not my blood, and I have known all along since the biodad told me when my wife was pregnant. Wife thinks I have no clue. But I love my boy because I love my wife and he is part of her. Like (2524) Hug (1412) Me Too! (27) #305122

When my ds was 3mo, I had a day where I came within an inch of snapping. He screamed every day. A UPS woman came to my door, saw my tears, heard my son, and just hugged me. That simple gesture saved my life. Like (2167) Hug (622) Me Too! (39) #243268

I think about the abortion I had when I was 19 every single day. I don’t regret my decision, but I regret the situation that put me there. Like (78) Hug (3876) Me Too (35) #2568

Started writing long love letters to DW like when we dated. She says I’m being stupid and wasting money mailing letters to our own house – but I notice she’s quick to get the mail and my letters are what she opens 1st Like (2127) Hug (378) Me Too! (6) #399174

My biggest piece of advice to my single friends: Marry a man whose mother is dead. Like (2040) Hug (219) Me Too! (287) #2218

So, how do those make you feel? How did it make the poster feel? At the end of the day, even if something like this is your only outlet, GET IT OUT. In a public forum, I think we turn to humor for acceptance, but I read some dark, sad posts today by both men and women. Addiction, bitterness, adultery, hatred, and abuse, to name a few.

Lighten your load today. Free yourself.



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