The why.

With a fully intentional attitude, I plan to write here often. I’ve titled this special category “Your Song” because I adore that song by Elton John and think of each of you every single time I hear it.

I plan to tell you my feelings in real time… so that one day, when I’m gone, you will have a place to come back and read my thoughts and feelings, as if I were in front of you, telling you the story myself. This is one of the many ways to show you that you make up my entire heart and soul.

I wish I had thought of this sooner. Oh, how I wish I could write down all of the priceless memories I have inside my heart from the past fifteen years of being your mother. You know what they say…

There’s no better time than the present.

Starting TODAY, I hope to tell the four of you how precious even those tiny details are to me. Details I may forget when I’m old, but that will forever be available to you here.

Brennen, Chase, Avery and Jaxx:

I love you behind my back.


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