Shameless Plug.

Okay y’all…

Let’s just do this and get it out in the open. Apparently, I’m the kid in school who opens her locker and says, “What do you need? I’ve got the goods.” Ha! I have LOTS of friends that support their families by “pyramid schemes.” I mean, direct sales companies.

Before you reps get your undies in a wad for me calling it a pyramid scheme, just know that I’m only saying what everyone is thinking. They aren’t falling for the $20,000 bonus you’re promising. They don’t care if the gorgeous couple or the single mom made millions by selling this product. They don’t care what vacations you’re taking or how many people you have under you. THEY DON’T BELIEVE YOU. They don’t want you to private message them about it. They don’t want to hear your spill.

They want a price and that’s the bottom line.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. If you are a friend of mine, please comment and share this! Please share your name, contact info, and product. Over 200 people will see this. Even if ONE contacts you, you can feed your children this week. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I’ll start with me! I am an Advocare distributor. I don’t push it, ever. I just love it and I’m a distributor because I get a discount on MY OWN purchases. If you need a soda/coffee alternative, Spark is for you! Lindsay Kopp – Advocare

I’ve got friends that sell Jamberry (nail stickers), Younique (fiber lashes and makeup), Pampered Chef (cooking), Scentsy (scented wax), Pink Zebra (candles), Blind Tiger Merch (MERCH), Rainbow Vacuums (THE BEST), Thrive (lifestyle change), It Works! (skinny wraps), Plexus Slim (lifestyle change), Tingle Tops (those funny little metal head scratchers), and so much more. I’m happy to blast you guys because if this is how you make money, why not help one another out?

Blind Tiger Merch

Pampered Chef – Tiffany Abbey

Plexus – Katie Bowman

Jamberry Nails – Adriana Key

Younique – Larysa Wright

Jolly Mae Key Fobs

Lada Love Designs

If I’ve forgotten you or left you out, it was simply by mistake. Please comment and share your goodies. Trust me, there are people reading this that will anonymously click on your link to see what you’ve got because they don’t want to talk to you. They just want to browse. Give them a way to contact you!

Happy money making, friends! #feedallthebabies 


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