An Open Letter to my Daughter, The Encourager.


You are an incredible little girl!

Over the last ten days, you’ve amazed me with your tenacity. The disappointments (and I use that term loosely) you’ve faced recently may seem gigantic to you, but to me, they are huge stepping-stones to greatness.

You are a leader.

It is my great hope that you know your worth now, right at this moment, and never question why you didn’t “get in.” If you can handle a loss or failure with dignity and grace and choose to exude confidence and class, you are already miles ahead of your peers.

What do I always say?

“Hold your head high and smile. You can cry in the car with your momma.”

Last week we got the letter saying your test scores were just under the requirement to get into pre-algebra. While I may have fussed at you for your lack of preparation and time-management, I sincerely hope that you fully understood that I AM NOT disappointed in you. As I watched the tears roll down your cheeks, I knew you felt defeat. I want you to know that I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You inspire me! You are TEN YEARS OLD! A FOURTH GRADER! You have been in the gifted program since you were a kindergartener and have always, always exceeded expectations. You are so very smart! I want you to gain wisdom from this. Instead of seeing the negative side – that you didn’t get in, I want to walk through the pros of this with you. You’re moving up, kid. Big fifth grader in big intermediate school. A locker! Switching classes! Freedom = responsibility. Gaining one more year of knowledge will only prepare you to blow that test out of the water next year. You are still ahead of the game. You are blessed and highly favored.


This weekend you blew me away at cheer tryouts. While I may have fussed at you for sitting on the sidelines because your confidence in a certain skill was not high, I sincerely hope that you fully understand that I AM NOT disappointed in you. As I watched you shake your head in doubt, I knew you felt fear. I only pushed you because I know your capabilities. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO! I want you to know that I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You are ONLY TEN YEARS OLD! You are cheering at a competitive level with and against girls much older than you. You are so very talented! I want you to gain wisdom from this. Instead of feeling down because you didn’t make a Level 3 squad, I want you to know that you are not only needed on your Level 2 squad, but that you are viewed as a leader to your teammates and by your coaches.


When you stand in confidence, people will look to you.


You are an encourager! Your attitude speaks volumes, young lady! Stay humble! If and when any of your fellow cheerleaders whine or gripe because of their squad placement, take that platform and use it to boost them up! I watched you do that so many times over the past week in preparation for these tryouts. How you make others feel says a lot about you! I couldn’t be more proud! Continue to work hard and stand out. You are right where you’re supposed to be!

On top of testing and cheer tryouts, your audition for CATS amazed me.

11199519_388123978046453_1938522394_n IMG_7863

I feel pure joy when I witness your passion.

While I may have fussed at you for over a week about rehearsing, I sincerely hope that you see the intention and purpose in my direction. Practice makes perfect. Never forget that! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You have such a beautiful, God-given talent. Your voice has always been music to my ears. Seeing the tears on your cheeks after your audition broke my heart. You won’t always knock it out of the park, my dear… and that is okay. It may have felt less than par to you, but it was one more audition under your belt. You can only learn and grow from it! When you can take a step back and find the good in every situation, you are set up for success! You may not get the exact role you wanted, but the role that is a good fit for Avery, is the role you are meant to have… and you will be GREAT at it! Never pursue glory; Pursue excellence! No matter the role, be excellent at it!

Attitude is a choice.

Choose wisely.

Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken. Psalm 55:22


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