That Magic Moment.

“My precious baby is ready for solids!”

Every mom thinks about that magic moment when she dips that bright little spoon into a tiny jar of that bland colored mush, then lifts it to her beautiful child’s lips.

Queue the singing angels, right?


We have all heard that famous line about your baby not coming with a How-To guide. It seriously couldn’t be more true! Am I right, or am I right? We just… figure it out. It’s kind of funny how it happens, too. We start out by researching and asking and seeking, only to spend the next 18 years just winging it. The glorious part is that we DO finally figure it out, though.

Throw a couple additional kids on top of it and you move right on into expert status, right?


It really doesn’t matter how many kids you have… you still start right back over every time. “It’s just like riding a bike!” Well, yeah, in a sense, but you’re still going to be a bit rusty. And honestly, it all happens so fast, that unless you’re taking notes, you won’t remember exactly how you introduced solids, for example. You might remember that you want to introduce rice cereal first and then move into vegetables before fruits. You might remember that you want to journal the introductions and dates for allergy purposes. You might remember that the earlier they start, the more allergies they build up. You might remember the tell-tale signs of “when they’re ready.” But, you might not remember or know any of that at all, and before you know it, you’ll be chunking food on a tray for baby to eat without thinking twice about it.

Queue those singing angels again.




I recorded your introduction of solids because I thought it’d be a fun memory to watch. While it was rather hilarious, it was not as fun as I had hoped. Ha! Between the gagging and the fussing and the desperate, starved lunges for the spoon, I’d say we get an A for effort, little man. We’ll try it again soon. At four months, YOU WEREN’T READY! (in my best Kevin Hart voice)

**Disclaimer** No babies were harmed in the making of this video.


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