An open letter to the guy who thinks it’s cool to propose at someone else’s wedding.

You may have seen an article that has gone viral in the last day or so regarding a proposal… at a wedding… right in front of the bride and groom. If not, check this out: Tacky Proposal

This is definitely not the first time we’ve seen this, and sadly won’t be the last.

Let’s just take a step back and walk through this.

When little girls grow up, they want to be two things – princesses and brides. Maybe it’s the fru-fru dress, maybe not, but the picturesque idea of that special day is something that comes early and is usually very well thought-out and planned. I’m not exactly sure if guys start planning their proposals during childhood, because I’m a woman, but I’d lean towards the idea that you most likely have given it a thought or two.

How will I surprise her?

Where will I do this?

Who will be in on it?

How big can I make this?

I personally know a guy that rented a PINK PONY and put sparkles and a unicorn horn and ribbons on it for his elaborate proposal! Why? Because his future wife had dreamed that up since childhood and he wanted to make that dream come true for her. Hello, hopeless romantic game strong. Way to hustle, Michael Olivas!

Now, not all of you are that good, but with the internet and social media running our lives nowadays, I’d hope you could come up with something memorable for her, because trust me on this, guysIT DOES MATTER. She may look you dead in the face and tell you it doesn’t, but she’s lying to you. Make it fabulous.

On to the topic at hand… I’m not exactly sure who the first person was to propose at someone else’s wedding, but seriously… what is wrong with you? And why is this still happening? Do you not have an ounce of originality in your body? Did your mother not teach you manners or couth or tact? Please, for the love! STOP IT! I do not care if you’ve asked the bride. I do not care if it was the bride’s idea. I do not care if Jesus himself came down from Heaven and advised you.




One thought on “An open letter to the guy who thinks it’s cool to propose at someone else’s wedding.

  1. Paul says:

    Wow, that’s pretty bad. That could be up there with guys proposing on valentine’s day. I know it’s a romantic day, but it just seems too easy/expected/cliche.


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