Fabulous Month Five


Happy five months, my love!


Bouncing baby boy is right! I’d have to say that you jumping in the Bumper Jumper has definitely been the highlight of month 5. You not only entertain yourself, but watching you jump with that gorgeous, gummy smile just lights up the room. We all get such a kick out of you!

You’re getting so big! Weighing in at 18 pounds and wearing size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes, you really are my little giant!


EVERYTHING goes straight to your mouth! Even your feet! Your siblings really get a kick out of watching you put those fat little toes in your mouth.


I surely can’t complain about a baby that sleeps 9-10 hours a night, but your sleeping habits have changed a bit this month. I love how much you stick to your routine. We often joke about it, because as soon as 8PM comes, it is BED TIME and you let us know it. Up until this month, you’d let me cradle you in my arms, tummy to tummy, until you fell asleep… but not anymore. You’ve started fighting your sleep a bit and want to be upright, flat against our chest. Once you are asleep though, you will still ONLY stay asleep if you’re on your tummy.


It has become one of my very favorite things to do… watching you sleep.


We knew it was time to introduce solids this month with the way you are watching us eat and grabbing for our food. You are so funny! You ate rice cereal first, which you hated and gagged, then on to sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears, which you absolutely loved!

You still love bath time! It’s gotten a bit easier too, now that you are sitting up. I am sure you’ll master that completely next month and I can already picture the fun you’ll have sitting in the tub, splashing with your fat little hands. As for now, you’re still leaning so far forward that you’re almost putting your face in the water!


You’ve been giving up the giggles for a couple months now, but this month you had some great belly laughs! You still get the hiccups EVERY SINGLE TIME we make you laugh, but I bet you’ll grow out of that soon.

On to the half way mark…


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