Bikini Girl Goes Down.

I have watched this 7-minute YouTube video Original Video by Brandon Brooks at least 4 times, in its entirety. Clearly I am not the only one, as it has been viewed over 5 million times in less than three days. I tried using different perspectives while viewing it to see if it’d change my thought process…

What if this were my daughter?

What if the officer had been African American?

What if this were my neighborhood?

What if I was this officer?

Many factors play into these scenarios, but I come to the same conclusion every time.

Seeing as this story has gone viral, there are several angles and many different people’s accounts being pushed by the media. I find it very interesting that the majority of these stories are teenagers claiming they were mistreated. Key word: TEENAGER. I have seen some clips of adults sharing what they witnessed and one common tone has come across, UNLIKE the teens.

Without viewing these videos first, wouldn’t we all agree that teenagers are horrible awful trying individuals? They feel they know everything. They mouth off. They push the boundaries.

That being said, the teens in this video are a good example of two very different ways to handle yourself in a situation like this.

You have a couple of young men that do exactly as they are told, despite the obvious anger exuding from the officer. They try explaining to the officer that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and that they had just arrived. You’ll also probably notice their respectful tone, and what kind of interaction they have with this officer. You’ll also notice that it’s quite the opposite for the belligerent teens who refuse to do what they’re told and continue to berate the officer.

If you take race out of this scenario, don’t you simply have an officer subduing an individual who is CLEARLY resisting?

Does it matter that the individual is a child? A teenager? A female? An African American? To some, yes… yes, it’s matters extensively.

While this officer is wrestling with this individual, a crowd surrounds him. Is it not safe to assume that he may have felt threatened? Is it not his right and duty to wear a gun because his job is to uphold the law? The law that says when an officer tells you to leave – you leave. When an officer tells you to get down – you get down. He pulled his gun… on teenagers. Common sense would tell me at that point, that he means business. It shouldn’t have come to that point! That’s the problem we are facing today. People are feeling a bit entitled and want to test authority in hopes that one of the spectators will catch it on video so they can claim their case.

Miles Jai Thomas, the teen that ran up on this officer and had the gun pulled on him gives his story here: Girl Fight  So now what? An ignorant white woman makes racial slurs at teenagers and gets punched in the mouth for it. Awesome, if you like violence and all that kind of stuff, but here’s another story: The Other View by Michael Quattrin from a resident of this neighborhood who claims that these kids shouldn’t have been there in the first place and it was getting out of hand quickly. Put yourself in his shoes. Can you imagine a nice evening party at the pool when loads of teens start showing up and things start getting unruly? It might be cause for concern, right? It might warrant a call to the neighborhood security guard.

I’m not sure what will happen with this story, but with the way it is heading, I don’t foresee this officer keeping his job. Apparently you have to have at least some level of temperament and professionalism to be a police officer, and not roll into a developing situation running around, waving a gun at kids and making a situation worse than the loud and rowdy kids already are.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the officer overreacted? Do you think this was racially fueled? Or do you think the officer was doing his job and handled it accordingly?


This was just brought to my attention, so I’m going to just leave it here – but definitely worth looking at. More FACTS

Kisa Jackson – Real Talk

Benet Embry – Resident Defends Police


9 thoughts on “Bikini Girl Goes Down.

  1. outraged human says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read.. Where do I begin… Clearly you don’t know what happened or maybe when you were watching the video with “filtered eyes” because as a human being.. No let me be more specific as a mother.. If you watched this and saw the way he Manhandled a LITTLE girl and your still saying that the children were being loud and rowdy.. Did you ever think the children were scared?… And you can say that maybe he felt threatened that’s why he waved a gun at minors.. If he felt threatened those children would have been dead.. And he would have been justified because of people like you.. Just because YOU most likely feel threatened in the presence of black teens doesnt mean an officer of the law that has probably been in the presence of armed criminals should be threatened by unarmed MINORS… I bet you sympathized with the Duggars.. I bet you excused and supported a child molester… but young children who were invited to have fun at their friends house and was minding their own business.. When a older white woman with a similar mindset as yourself got in a physical altercation with a minor she yelled out and I quote go back to your section 8 homes to children.. What kind of heartless animal talks to children like that all because they were loud.. And most importantly black.. Then she called the cops because I quote their are too many black people in an area.. Then if you watch the video like you claim you did there was a man.. A white man seen to be assisting in the arrest and manhandling the children.. I didn’t know that was legal in this country.. Also he had backup so how could the disobedient loud thugs intimidate him… Please don’t post blogs about something when you don’t know what you are talking about.. Also don’t post blogs about things involving race when you are not going to be openminded.. I bet if it was a dog that police officer threw around like that you wouldn’t even try and say “see it from his point of view “. Sigh just do yourself a favor and take this blog post down because this is just rubbish.


    • lindsaywalker says:

      We are all entitled to our own opinions. She has a right to view it the way she sees it. God created us all differently. You can’t throw the “as a mother” card because you don’t know what kind of mother she is, I do, so I know your rant about her opinion is way off. If you want to leave a comment, I ask you do it respectfully. She knows how to agree to disagree, she’s a very level headed person and doesn’t expect anyone to agree with her… Just sharing her thoughts on her blog! How dare you tell her to take this down or not to post a blog. Who are you to think you have that much leverage in the world. Your comment about the Duggars is disgusting! I’ll pray that God opens your eyes and softens your heart. There is no reasoning withy our type of mindset. God bless you.

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  2. kimmytone says:

    @outragedhuman In the video I watched, there appeared to be a white man & a black man helping to contain the situation.. asking the children if they were ok & to remain seated. You appear to be the one with blinders on or “filtered eyes”. “Minding their own business”? Maybe you should educate yourself more, prior to throwing accusations & making uneducated comments. Social media is full of both sides of the story and you are obviously chiding to only see one side. Your comment makes you appear ignorant & racist yourself.
    Now, before you think you want to come at me with your nonsense, here my take on the whole thing so that you can be sure you know what you’re talking about when arguing what you think is your point.. I believe the policeman was hotheaded in a heated situation & his actions were over the top. However, I don’t know how I would’ve reacted in the same situation. I do know, that I am not an officer of the law & his superiors would know better than myself, if his actions were justified in the given situation.
    I believe none of this would have happened if the children had an ounce of respect to begin with.
    I know there was more than one cop on the scene and I know for a fact that in a couple of the videos I saw one of them calmly talking to the children & trying to explain to them how they should react in such a situation, & sounding very much like a mentor, not a racist.
    Go on with your sad little outraged life, outraged human. Try to educate yourself with the tools that are obviously available to you, like social media. And for God’s sake, please educate your children & try to teach them more respect than you were obviously taught.

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  3. More Outraged Human says:

    @outraged human….. Your thought process is what seems to be wrong in this world! I am also a Mother and although it would have been upsetting to see my daughter thrown to the ground, FIRST AND FOREMOST it’s unacceptable that children would act that way to #1 An Adult and #2 An officer of the law !!! He clearly stated to her MULTIPLE times to vacate the premises!! SO GO!! Don’t stand around and ignore his orders and be disrespectful and expect to get away with it! I don’t know how you raise your kids but by your comments I assume they think it’s ok to talk back to you and do as they please! I am completely OUTRAGED that you made this a RACE issue, unbelievable!! This had nothing at all to do with race… It is about respect!! I pray you teach your kids that instead of the ignorance your spewing.

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  4. mellowdia says:

    Thank you for writing a well composed, and thoughtful blog regarding the McKinney incident. Your blog does not come across as incendiary, nor do you “otherize” in your writing. I truly appreciate your thoughtful approach.

    @Outraged Human. I get you. I understand how it feels to undergo so much racial tension that after awhile, it becomes infuriating. However, we must all work together and seek solutions to our challenges. However frustrating things might get. My solution to this particular issue? Community dialogues. Part of the problem on both sides is not seeing the humanity in one another.

    For example, the 14 year old girl, in the swimsuit, if I was her, I would have had to get permission to attend this pool party, I would be going with good intentions (not thinking to cause chaos), and would simply be intent on hanging with my friends. If I walked by a group of men being detained by cops. I would NOT ASSUME I was part of the PROBLEM. I would continue walking towards my destination. Especially if I saw others, like the person taking the video, the man beside the cop, etc. hanging around without being detained. If a cop asked me to “git”, I would again, not think it applied to me, especially if others, like some of my friends were hanging about, not being detained. And, I would, ask, “why only me?”

    On the other hand, the cop, who knows what was going on with him, if he’s a rookie, overly stressed, bad day, had been assaulted before in a situation he didn’t handle correctly, and felt threatened, who knows? Sure no one was armed, sure he had back up present, and back up on the way, sure it was mostly minors. But, when you put a person in a position where they feel threatened you can’t count on how they are going to respond, so yes, you should comply with authority figures, even if they’re in the wrong. There is a process to hold them accountable.

    Ultimately, we need to see the good in each other. Hopefully communities and the police force employed to protect communities can work together to avoid situations like these. Until then, we must be very careful to make assumptions. After all, most of us stating our opinions weren’t there. Those that were there, each claim something different. The true heroes here are the kids that are just trying to move past this and get along with one another, whether black or white.

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  5. daninicole12 says:

    @outraged human… I can’t even find the words… For someone throwing around the phrase “open minded,” you seem pretty closed minded yourself. But a word of advice… People or “mothers” since you like to quote that, like you are the reason our society is ripping itself into shreds… Defending people (girl/teen-in my opinion it shouldn’t matter) who are and in this case were not following THE LAW… And then making it about race is just sad and tired. YOU and so many others need to open your eyes and come to the realization that just because a white cop may be handling an African American person (be it young or old) that cop is doing their job. Please post a comment like yours above on a blog about an African American cop using excessive force on a white (white person)… And if you don’t feel like going to that extreme, please take the time (as long as it took you to conjure up such “rubbish” for that comment) and really think about the race card and exactly when it should be used. I dare you

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