Our Top 5 Tulsa Splash Pads

TO have in my back pocket for a sunny day…

THE 918

by Bethany Proffitt

As a mom of two boys and two girls ages 7, 6, 2, and 1, I have learned to appreciate a good splash pad on a sweltering Oklahoma summer day. Though we go to our pool, Park Plaza South, almost every day, we frequent Tulsa area splash pads almost as often. We tend to follow a splash-pad-in-the-morning, nap-in-the-afternoon, and pool-in-the-evening routine. I love splash pads for two nearly equal reasons. First, the risk of one of my children drowning is significantly decreased, and second, I don’t have to change into my swimsuit. Just comfy shorts and a t-shirt and I’m splash-pad appropriate.

When planning any trip, it is good to be prepared. However, because I rarely actually plan a trip to the splash pad I have developed an “Always Prepared” system (I’m an Eagle Scout by marriage). It’s not easy to take your kids to the park…

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