Be Confident Enough.

In scrolling through my Facebook feed of late, I have noticed the unsettling trend of “_____ shaming” everything.

There’s fat shaming.

There’s fit shaming.

There’s makeup shaming. Yes, really. Y’all know who you are! Making fun of girls trying to get them eyebrows #onfleek

How about we get that AMBITION #onfleektho

Feel me?

There’s over-sharing shaming. (I made this one up)

There’s even stretch-mark-loving shaming! I mean, really? I recently listened to a sermon by a preacher’s wife where she passive-aggressively candidly shamed women who are baring their stretch-marks in a movement to L-O-V-E yourself, despite these marks. She said,

“My mom taught me that you don’t have to say everything that you know and you don’t have to show everything that you have.”

BAM. Way to go Holly, you’ve now shamed these women trying to empower other women. While yes, I DO agree with the CONCEPT of what she’s saying… I don’t agree with the CONTEXT that she’s saying it in. You can see that for yourself at about the 4:40 mark here. Now, don’t get me wrong, folks. I am not shaming her for shaming them. I am simply showing you how even the best of us do this without even meaning to! #bestofintentions #bestlaidplans I don’t know.

We’re all so worried about what other people are doing, that we trip on the act of shaming sharing our opinions and fall into the vicious cycle of not being confident enough to compliment each other!

What Susie says of Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally.

Don’t rival each other; REVIVE each other.

Don’t impale each other; EMPOWER each other.

Don’t compare each other; CHAMPION each other.


Here’s a little story about Bridgette. She works the 1st shift at McDonald’s at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she is an absolute BLESSING to my mornings. (I didn’t want to admit that I eat McDonald’s breakfast, but that BEC McGridlle though… Am I right?!) Back to Bridgette. She greets me with a smile and a friendly voice every.single.time. I come through her drive-thru. She tells me to “have a blessed day” every.single.time. I leave. One day I asked her for her name. She looked at me like she had done something wrong and reluctantly said, “It’s Bridgette.” I said, “Awesome! It’s nice to meet you, Bridgette! My name is Lindsay. I wanted to be able to greet you by name from now on.” She got the biggest smile on her face. In that moment, we made each other’s day. I encourage you to try this sometime. MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY.

You attract what you exude.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.






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