Pleazer Make It Stop.

Guys, I am trying here. I see Kardashian trash in my newsfeed Some days I can scroll by. Some days I click on the link to read the article. Some days I sit with my mouth agape wondering how it is even possible that our media can exploit this CHILD, Kylie Jenner, and it be acceptable. That’s the life they chose though, right? Well, yes… to an extent, but the constant free-for-all that is Tyga and Kylie is concerning. I mean, this girl is a teenager. She is UNDERAGE. She was born in 1997! It’s beyond sickening to me that because of who they are, everyone is just like… ehh, not my business.


If you live under a rock or you’ve just missed the latest trending news, Kylie Jenner (17) has a rapper boyfriend, Tyga (25) and on Tuesday, June 16th, he posted his track “Pleazer” and the internet is stunned.

“’bout to catch a felony for it”

Oh, Tyga. Why?

Maybe I am old. Maybe it’s simply that I am from a different world. What do I know, right?

I know THIS: I know that as a mother, I would go to the ends of the earth before I let my beautiful prize of a daughter be pimped out to the world by some guy who thinks writing raps about her lady parts is respectable. Do I even have to ask what kind of a mother allows this? WHY is this okay? Has Kris just accepted the fact that since Kylie will be 18 in August, this is decent? At what point do we, as parents, agree to just let them live?

I didn’t want to link THIS song or THESE lyrics, but for a full understanding of the graphic nature of this topic, one must see for themselves what not only Kylie accepts, but what her mother allows. Twitter is blowing up with #pleazer and I just feel sick.

“Tyga’s song Pleazer makes me worry about the world.”

“Nothing says sultry & romantic like statutory rape.”

And… There you have it.

Desensitized is an UNDERSTATEMENT.


3 thoughts on “Pleazer Make It Stop.

  1. shubhada says:

    Oh boy. I read the lyrics. It makes me sick. Really really sick.

    I feel like going up to the boy and slapping him for writing such a rap. Then again, did Kylie do that when she heard this song?

    Liked by 1 person

      • shubhada says:

        No, I think she DOES know what’s wrong and what’s right. But she still chooses the wrong side because I don’t know.. Maybe she thinks its ‘cool’?
        Because hey, I was 17 just two years ago, and I would never have tolerated such a thing..

        Liked by 1 person

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