An Open Letter to THAT Mom

Sometimes more than one kid goes to a sleepover on the same night, and it is glorious. This happened to us last night, leaving us with only the baby and our teenager to feed. Since we are desperately trying to be more disciplined with eating out vs. eating at home, we took that as a green light an excuse to go to one of our favorite Chinese buffets in Tulsa, Beijing Gourmet on 61st and Memorial.

We sat at a 4-top table right next to a family with what appeared to be a mom, dad, teen, and a baby. Hayyyy! Same! Anyway… Upon returning to our table with my first plate, I couldn’t help looking over, as their baby (9-12 months-ish) was extremely loud. Now, obviously… this ain’t my first rodeo. Game recognize game. A loud baby doesn’t pierce my ears as much as it would most people; It just caught my attention and I looked over. It took about 2.5 seconds for my eyes to notice the floor beneath the highchair, covered with debris.


There were grapes and noodles and rice and napkins and straws, oh my!

Not to mention the table-top being left a complete mess, as well.


(enter sarcasm here) At least they left a dollar, right?

*eye roll*

While searching Google for the perfect image to feature this blog, I came across 7 Things Toddlers Should Never be Allowed to do at Restaurants and yes, this mother of four couldn’t agree more. My blog was only to address #4, but by all means, give it a read. Just don’t give me the whole “Oh, you don’t get it” excuse because I DO GET IT. I’m currently at the six month stage of my fourth child and I DO GET IT. My children do not act like that in restaurants and IF they think they’re going to, we leave the table or the restaurant entirely. Why? Because I am courteous and have a common respect for people. Because I do not want to draw attention to myself or my family in a negative way. Because I do NOT want to be THAT mom.

People! DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO DO THIS. It would literally take you less than two minutes to get down there and clean up after your child. Servers do not want to clean up the trail of destruction left by your little angel! The fact that this even happens blows my mind. Common sense tells us that if your child were in his highchair in your kitchen, the mess would be far less, or more controlled, if you will. Why? Because YOU HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP! So while in public, act right! Clean up after your child! You don’t have to ask for a mop and bucket to show a little common courtesy and at least attempt to tidy up! If anything, think of the example you are setting for your child(ren) when you actually accept responsibility for something and take care of it the way any respectable, contributing citizen would. Yeah, I went there.


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