Stitch Fix… Or Naa?

Everyone loves getting mail, and these companies are banking on that… literally.



Dollar Shave Club.

Blue Apron.


Stitch Fix.

I may or may not pay monthly for one or more three of the above mentioned “box clubs.” Who’s counting anyway? #amiright

My bestie-for-the-restie recently introduced me to Stitch Fix and I was instantly intrigued. I mean, have you seen me lately? I have a seven month old baby and have completely let myself go. I would rather sleep an extra 30 minutes than apply one lick of makeup. I would rather go to bed with wet hair and wake up with a “natural wave” than get up and blow-dry, straighten, and style my hair for a half hour. Heels? Nope. Dresses? Not a chance. I’m tired y’all.

All hail the personal stylist… in a box.

Basically, you fill out a profile to tell your stylist all about the styles, prints, colors and types of clothing you like, and where you will be wearing said clothing the most. $20/box and then you pay the difference after you decide what you want to keep. It’s fun! You can even link a Pinterest board for your stylist to work with. I don’t know about y’all, but give me a Pinterest board to go on and I suddenly become a 5’10”, 180lb., toned and fabulous bombshell. I would LIKE to rock 99% of the outfits I “pinned,” but let’s get real… a girl can dream, right?

Oh, one other thing… no prices. Anywhere.

My Stitch Fix #1 arrived today. I was PUMPED when I saw that box on my porch!

I carefully cut the tape on the box and sat there with heart eyes looking at my treasure.

There are five items in each box.




In addition to a note from your stylist, alongside some ideas for your new pieces.


Followed by instructions to:

1) Discover and Decide 2) Share Your Thoughts 3) Send It Back

 Did I love it, or what?

Or what.

That is my answer.

Tucked snugly in a cute little envelope was my packing list, or invoice.


To say I laughed out loud is an understatement. I belly-laughed at the grand total of $286.00. Even if you consider the $71.50 “Buy 5 Discount” and the $20.00 “Styling Fee Credit” and the $30.00 “Referral Credit”, I still scoffed at the idea of paying $164.50 for these five items.

I did try a couple of them on just for kicks and grins.

IMG_9641 IMG_9640

Please excuse the dirty mirror. We’re out of glass cleaner and I seem to forget that every single time I go to the store.

Maybe I’m just cheap. I’m okay with that. But you can guarantee that this girl will not be paying another $20.00 for her Stitch Fix #2. I do not need three days to decide if I want to return any of these things. They will be in the mail before I pull out of my driveway in the morning. I can buy that same maxi dress for $19.99 at Khol’s or Target any day of the week. I can get that necklace at any trendy boutique for $9.99 tomorrow. Those coral bermuda shorts, $14.99 at JC Penny’s. The tank? Not my style anyway. That blazer though… IF I had $78.00 to throw around, I MIGHT consider it. It was precious and so comfy.


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix… Or Naa?

  1. ananaomidanielle says:

    I love the corral shorts and blazer!! I lovvvvve blazers, and that looks absolutely fabulous on you!! (it might actually be worth it if it wasn’t 100+ degrees EVERY.SINGLE.DAY)
    I cancelled my Ipsy subscription yesterday, sadly! I am bummed because that $10 pink envelope brought me so much joy, but $120 a year for make up samples that I don’t even wear… it a bit much! BUT if we had a dog, it would have to have a #barkbox and I am just thankful that they don’t make any of these boxes for kids- because I would not be able to say NO! (if they do, please don’t tell me!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • abcmommyof4 says:

      LOL!!! I know… I want to cancel my Ipsy too, but dang it’s hard! I just cancelled my Barkbox this week though. I can’t do it anymore… too much. But yes, I loved the blazer and shorts outfit! I loved that blazer the most, but I just couldn’t.


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