Back to School 2015

School shopping for three kids is never fun, but add hauling a baby around while spending an entire weekend in and out of the car and stores and the mall. My patience was lacking, but I’ll tell you what… those three kids pulled together to help me with their 8 month old baby brother and we made it work. They took turns and shared responsibilities and we worked it out like we knew exactly what we were doing.

With three drastically different personalities, ensuring that each child had ample time to pick and search and look for their perfect wardrobe was exhausting! I made a vow this weekend that from here on out, each kid would get their own day for school shopping with mom, and without their siblings. I’m thinking that will make all of our lives easier next year.

Waking up to the sound of rain on August 19, 2015 was not a welcome sound… It’s the first day of school! Ain’t nobody got time for that! For the first time ever, all three kids are getting up at the same time(ish) and the house was alive by 6AM. Nerves and anxiety were definitely working and the fact that there was no milk didn’t help.

Mother of the Year over here.


First out the door was Brennen… to high school. What the what? Shut the front door! No really, shut the front door and don’t ever leave me. Ugh! I am so sad! I know every single parent says the same exact thing every single year about how they can’t believe Little Johnny is now in 3rd grade, then 6th grade, then a freshman, then a… I can’t even say it. I. Just. Can’t. But in all seriousness, I am an emotional wreck this year! High School?!


 And there you have it. She might as well be leaving home forever.

Next up, Chase and Avery were off to Intermediate. It wasn’t hard for me to grasp the fact that my middle little and my littlest little were no longer in elementary because I started over 8 months ago, but thinking back on former first days of school versus the way they looked this morning tugged on my already tender heart a bit. It just goes so fast!



Time marches on.

One thing that becomes more and more clear to me every day is:


Parenting IS tiring. It IS a lot! But you know what? It slips by so very quickly and before you know it, you’re sitting back thinking I coulda, shoulda, woulda. Don’t let time pass you by. You only have them for such a short, short time. Be in those moments. Go to their games. Let them tell you about their dreams, their fears, their anxieties, their plans. Tell them you love them, better yet, SHOW THEM. Be an hour late to work on the first day of school every single year so that you can stand around waiting to take that special picture and watch them walk to the bus or into the building. Work through lunch so that you can be at their events. Drive those extra miles to make sure that they not only feel your support, but they SEE you there. Take part in their lives, friends. IMPACT their very being.

You have a job to do.

You’re gonna miss this.



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