Flat Croissants

Written February 24, 2015:

“The beauty of transparency is that, whenever you take the plunge to being transparent yourself, others in your presence will find their hearts opening as well – uncontrollably! Rather than thinking that being transparent is a risk, you understand the intimacy payoffs of revealing your true self.”

My five year anniversary is in a couple days and I’ve been wanting to gush and gag you all with lovey-dovey posts and pictures about how awesome my marriage is and how wonderful my husband is, but I’ve held back because honestly, I can just be TOO open most times. Some people are so very private and look down on transparency, but I guess there’s just a part of me that enjoys  sharing special things… my heart, my children, my struggles. That being said, I came across a quote from Unveiled Wife this morning and it encouraged me to share how plainly awesome my Monday night was.

As you all know, we have a new addition at our house. While he is the sweetest little blessing to our family, it’s still hard to get up at 3am with him. We’re tired, y’all. We’re two months in and we’re making it just fine, but it’s an adjustment! Yesterday, it snowed ALL DAY. It was gorgeous, but I got to watch it from my office window. When it was time to head home, I had already asked Kelly to go pick him up because the roads were looking scary. That meant I got to pull up at home and NOT have to carry in an 87 pound baby carrier! What did I do with that? Oh, I went straight to my bed! I didn’t even take off my clothes… just kicked off my shoes and got in my bed… at 4:30pm. I was sound asleep when they got home not even thirty minutes later. Now, let me backtrack for a second. Earlier in the day, over lunch, I told Kelly that I was pretty sure school would be cancelled today and we had no food at the house because the grocery fairy hadn’t visited us in a while. (oops!) Meaning – the kids would be there all day with no food and I needed to go to the store! Okay, back to my nap… When Kelly got home with Baby Jaxx, he had a truck full of groceries! Wow! Way to go, husband! Just steadily racking up the points! Took me to lunch even though he had plans – 1. Went grocery shopping all on his own – 1. (He says that’s so I wouldn’t give him a list 😉 Picked up Baby Jaxx for me – 1. Of course, I got up and got Jaxx out of said 87 pound carrier while the rest of our crew unloaded groceries. What is this I notice?! He was super sleepy! Hmmm… nap time! I put him right into his crib and went straight back to my bed. I figured he’d nap for thirty minutes or so and then I’d join the world, but at that moment, all I could think about was falling back asleep. Then I hear it… the sweet sounds of my darling baby over the monitor that is shining so bright right in my face. I look at the clock and it’s EIGHT PM! Holy moly! We’d “napped” for over three hours! Then I get a whiff of what smells like spaghetti from the kitchen. I drag myself out of bed and down the hall to see my wonderful husband standing at the stove cooking dinner! I mean to tell you – he has never looked more attractive! There are croissants on the counter and my first thought was how adorable it was that they were rolled the wrong way! Oh my gosh, I am in love with him!

I don’t exactly know how this might encourage someone, but if there are any husbands reading this, just know that it doesn’t matter if the croissants are rolled the wrong way… it’s little things like this that make us love you… more than flowers or jewelry could ever compare. Way to hustle, Kelly Kopp! I love you and I appreciate you!


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