Little Lessons

Written October 28, 2010:

Today I get home from work and I see Brennen, my 9 year old, standing in the garage talking to Kelly. By the look on both of their faces, it was a heavy conversation. We were in a rush because it was 4:22 and cheer practice starts at 4:30….. (and we’re still in the driveway) that I didn’t really have time to ask Kelly what was going on.

Brennen slowly walks to the Tahoe, gets in, buckles up, and looks forward with huge tears in her eyes. You remember how when you were sad or hurt, it was soooo much worse when you finally got to mom? LOL… this was obviously the case.

We had about a 5 minute drive ahead of us.

I start… “Brennen, what’s going on?”

She instantly breaks down and tells me everything… like it was killing her to hold it in.

She tells me that the day before, 4-5 of her friends on the bus dared her to throw another little girl’s cool Halloween hand sanitizer out the window.

A) She KNOWS this is against the rules.

B) She knows it is wrong to take anyone else’s things, period.

She explained, sobbing, that these were the “cool, popular” kids. That she didn’t want to look like a wuss or “not cool” by not doing the dare. (*** PARENTING LESSON 101 – If Little Johnny dares you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge just because he is going to… do you do it?***) She explains that she DID thrown this little girls hand sanitizer out the window. She tells me that someone told the little girl it was her and the little girl told on her today. She says that the bus driver, Mr. Little, confronted her and that she LIED to him. She said that the same kids that dared her……. then ratted her out to save themselves.

This is just full of lessons, isn’t it?!

THEN………….. bawling, she tells me how bad she feels for lying to him and how sorry she is that she took this little girl’s hand sanitizer and threw it away.

My child has a conscience! Amen!

I hardly have to say anything at all, and Brennen tells me that she wants to tell Mr. Little the truth, even if it means getting in trouble. AND THEN, she tells me that she wants to give Olivia HER hand sanitizer that is just like the one she threw out the window. (This is her special Bath and Body Works, warm vanilla hand sanitizer in the glittery pink case that her step-mom bought for her on their special trip to Six Flags a couple weeks ago.)

Oh my goodness, I teared up immediately! I was so proud of her! We still went over the lessons learned here, step by step, but she is in no trouble at all and I can’t wait until tomorrow when she comes home to tell me how it went with both of them.


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