The Proposal

Written August 31, 2009:

The week of August 24, 2009 was quite a week at work for me.

I literally bawled my eyes out over every tiny, little, ridiculous thing that I’d been through that week when I got home Wednesday night. I had my face under my pillow, on my bed as Kelly laid next to me and attempted the ultimate test – to get me to talk.

Like almost every day in our lives, I knew Thursday was going to be crazy busy.

– We both worked until 5pm.
– I had a hair appointment at 5pm.
– Kelly had a show on Friday night, so the band was loading in on Thursday night at 7pm.
– I had to be home from getting my hair done by 7pm so Kelly could leave, but had to be at my second job by 8pm.

As I’m sitting in the chair getting foiled up, Kelly texts me and it says – “Are you still stressed out today?” I think to myself that this poor guy has put up with all of my crying and mood swings the last couple days, so I text back and say “Naaaaa!” He texts back, “Good! When’s the sitter coming?” I reply that she will be there about 7:45 and remind him to remind the kids to do their chores. He simply replies, “Ok.”

The time is now about 6:55, and I know that I have to get this bleach washed out of my hair and get out of there within the next few minutes. I didn’t have time for my haircut, but I figure I can just come back. So, I run out of there, hair dripping, and hustle home. I call Kelly on the way – cause that’s what we do… we’re disgusting like that… you know when you have to talk on the phone to the place you’re going, then while you’re in the place, then on your way home from said place??? Yeah that’s us… Anyway, I call Kelly and he’s like – “Okay, where are you? Hurry up.”

I walk in the door at 7:05pm… it’s silent. I’m like uhhhh….. where are my kids, haha. I walk around the corner and see Kelly standing at the table dressed to kill. I was like, “WHOA DUDE!!! Why are you dressed like that?!” Now, I have been with Kelly for 2 years and I have NEVER seen that boy lookin’ so fly, ever.

He grins from ear to ear and says, “I have good news and I have bad news, which do you want first?”
I say, “Where are the kids?”
He says, “I have good news and bad news – WHICH DO YOU WANT FIRST?!”
So, I say, “Bad.”
He tells me, as he looks at his phone for the time, that I have about 45 minutes to get ready, but the good news is that I do not have to work tonight, the kids are already at the sitter’s house, and he is taking me on a date since I’ve had such a horrible work week!

Obviously, I want to know where we’re going and when, for how long, if we have to pick up the kids and at what time, who they’re with and how he manged that, etc. etc. etc. Basically, he won’t tell me anything except that it’s all taken care of and I need to hurry up so we’re not late.

It’s 8 o’clock on the dot and I am ready to go, thank you very much. We get in the car and we’re driving down Loop 250 as Kelly turns on the blinker to exit on Garfield. He smiles and asks if I know where we’re going now? I get all excited and say in a spoiled voice, “To Olive Garden!!! Cause it’s my FAVORITE!!!” Kelly just smiles…………………………….. and drives right past it.

He switches lanes and pulls into the Garlic Press/Hemingway parking lot. “Are we going to GARLIC PRESS?!,” I ask. He says yes and I am REALLY stoked at this point! I have lived in this city for 8 years and never eaten there! As we walk in, Zach greets us and walks us back to this little corner table where a big bottle of champagne is in ice. Now, I have never had champagne… Zach tells us that he is going to give us his BEST waiter and that I am going to just love it here. Suddenly, I realize that there is the most beautiful vase of lillies sitting on our table. I try to look around at the other tables nonchalantly, but Kelly realizes it and I say, “Are these for me?” Again, he smiles and says, “DUH!!!” I felt sooo stupid! I tried to tell him that this place was so nice, I just thought allll the tables had amazing vases of lillies on them, and I was so sorry that I hadn’t noticed them. Well, “best waiter” comes out and starts his spill… literally!!! He poured my glass of ice water, and then SPILLED IT ALL OVER THE TABLE AND ME! I jump up and back as fast as I can, but it still got my legs a little bit. He looked like he was going to die! He was so overly apologetic and Kelly was SOOO irritated! Normally, things like this would never bother Mr. Easy Going, Patient Man, Kelly, but tonight, he was NOT happy about this. I am trying to convince him that’s it’s NOT a big deal and it barely got me wet at all, but he is still mad. We finally get over the water disaster, and enjoy the most amazing meal ever. (I would SURELY hope it tasted like heaven for the amount of money Kelly was about to pay for it!!!) I have about 5 bites or so left of my steak and Kelly informs me that we are having dessert and I better save room! I’m like, “Uhhh, no thanks, I am too full.” He says, “No, we are having dessert.” Well… alright then.

As we’re sitting there waiting for this little slice of heaven (strawberry cheesecake) to arrive at our table, Zach walks up next to me and asks about the food and apologizes for “best waiter” again. I’m trying to tell him that it’s really no big deal when he hands me a white envelope.

Now, in my head I am seriously thinking – SWEET! Gift cards making up for “best waiter”!!! I start to open the envelope when I realize that the hand writing on the front was Kelly’s. I turn it back over to make sure and it says ‘LINDSAY DAVIS’ (Kelly addresses me as LINDSAY DAVIS 98.9 percent of the time) I rip open the rest of the envelope as I notice in my peripheral vision that Kelly is beginning to stand up………………………..

He pushes his chair back………….

He gets down on one knee……………..

(I have NO idea what the card said at this point)

and he says as he pulls out this little purple box,

“Will you marry me, LINDSAY DAVIS?”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!”, I say! I reached down and grabbed this BEAUTIFUL ring and slapped it on my finger! He sat back down and I leaned over and hugged him as everyone clapped. I didn’t even cry… yet.


The ring! A Mark Sneider, cushette!

I started asking questions about who all knew and when he had done all of this, you know – just wanting all the details… and he tells me that he had called my dad a couple days ago and asked him if he would give him his blessing, and then he told me that he had already showed the ring to my children and explained what was happening that very morning as he took them to school.

I lost it………

I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness that all I could do was cry. He had taken the 3 single most important things in this world to me and made them first priority, and it touched me in such a way that will never ever be forgotten.

As we waited for our ticket, he told me about how he had already talked to my hair lady that day and she knew why I had to leave by 7. He told me how he’d planned this for several days and that everyone at my job knew and had already seen the ring. He told me how his phone had been blowing up all night with all of our friends and family asking him if he’d “done it” yet. He told me exactly what my dad had said when he called to ask him and exactly how the kids reacted when he showed them the ring. He told me that a few of my closet friends were meeting us out in a little bit to celebrate and that he hoped that this made my week a little better.

Ya think?!

And to top it all off, “best waiter” informed us that the table of four next to us picked up our ticket! I was so suprised and thankful, but the lady insisted that it was their pleasure and actually thanked us for letting them be apart of our special moment! WOW!!!


Yep, it looks FANTASTIC!

Well, this is our story.

Thanks for sharing in the moment with me…


I couldn’t be happier.


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