Private Photo (Calculator%)

Okay, look… If your husband child owns a smart phone, then you already KNOW things like this exist. Let’s just work together to be “in the know” and stay one step ahead of these sneaky little angels we call our children. #ittakesavillage

Private Photo (Calculator%) hides private photos and videos behind a calculator application. If you put in a passcode, it will open up a private area. All files are securely stored in the app and remain completely private and confidential.

Sadly, there are currently 25 of these calculator photo hiders in the app store! There’s no telling what other hider apps are out there. This one is relevant to children for obvious reasons… and the calculator actually functions!

Pamela L. Casey, District Attorney of the 41st Judicial Circuit – Blount County, posted this video on her Facebook on September 1, 2015. Within 24 hours it has almost 630K views.

Hopefully your immediate thought is that your child would never, but believe me… they would! Don’t be the naïve parent! Stay involved. Keep a watchful eye on your children! I can personally attest to 14-15 year old cheerleaders at my daughter’s school blocking me on Twitter (you know who you are) because I brought light to the filth they were tweeting. Just remember, young ladies, I’m smarter than you. When we tell you that we’ve been there and done that, we aren’t bluffing. I can also attest to 13-14 year olds at my daughter’s school being suspended for oral sex in the bathroom, mass texting nude photos, and the list goes on and on. It’s disturbing, really.

All I’m saying is that your kids KNOW more than you think. They’re DOING more than you think. They’re SEEING more than you think. They’re SHARING more than you think. THEY’RE POSTING MORE THAN YOU THINK! And if you’re reading this and you STILL think it’s not your child, but you haven’t looked at their social media accounts, I’M TALKING TO YOU.

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