Cookie Date

Written September 6, 2013

Today, something happened that I never really thought I’d be so tickled about. My first born daughter, my teen drama queen, my mini me, Miss Beanie – went on her “first date”. She’s in 7th grade and has had the same “little boyfriend” (as I call him) for the last 3 years. They may text some and buy each other a gift for Valentine’s Day, but just this year, they’ve really begun to act like more than buddies. They flirt and giggle and find general interest in each other. It’s kind of funny how we encourage that as our children are little, but then when they hit the dreaded years, we start trying to back-track and say, “You are not dating until you’re 35 young lady, and that is FINAL!” *door slam*

Without going into too much hearsay, sometimes the kids walk to Braum’s after school, but I have decided that is not something Brennen is going to be allowed to do… yet. It’s right by the junior high, but the things I’ve heard that go on there… I’m just not interested in having my kiddo be a part of or witness to… yet. Last night, E invited Brennen to go with him after school to the bakery instead. His mother and I had already discussed it and we thought it’d be fine. They are getting older. I think allowing them a little grace to prove their responsibility is fair. So, after school today, Brennen and Ethan walked across the street from their school (not holding hands… calm down folks) and went to the little bakery for some snacks.

It is really a neat feeling to hear my daughter GUSH about her first date. Although it was only a cookie, a Coke, and some homework, it was a really huge deal to her and it is all she’s talked about. She is giddy! It’s the cutest thing! She has talked non-stop about every tiny little detail! She is just floating around here on cloud 9! It’s a bittersweet feeling to see hearts in her eyes as she says “He made me laugh so hard that Coke went up in my nose, Mom!” Will I be allowing them to go to dinner and a movie together anytime soon? Absolutely not, but today was a milestone that I hope I can remember the details to, to share with her one day. Some days I may want to knock her attitude into next week, but today I am enjoying this moment for/with her. I pray that she always stays true to her morals and that she will always want to tell me about important things in her life. Life just moves so fast that even though I try to take it all in, I know I am not perfect and will miss things… All in all, I’d say today was a time-stopping moment for me as a mom.


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