Nifty Nine Months

First, I’m sorry that I didn’t do an 8 month blog. To be completely honest, I try to note little things throughout the month to build my blog, but month 8 was rather chill on the Jaxx scale of coolness, and I had no notes to reflect on! I did start it… I just never got past the opening – which went something like this:

Earsplitting Eight Months

Yes, earsplitting… because that’s exactly how it goes down when Jaxx is in his carseat. Jaxx is very vocal, and loud is not a proper adjective to describe the volume at which he demands your attention. This entire month has been a LOOK AT ME month!

See, with an opening like that, you’d think Jaxx started a rock band or something, but no… so, on to the 9 month blog we go.

Speaking of car seats, it is most definitely time for a new one!





Growing like a weed. 

Your top left tooth popped through in month eight, bringing your total to a whopping three pearly whites! But one day in month nine, as I dipped you backwards to tickle your neck, I noticed three more little white buds up top! Holy moly! You’ve got six teeth! Watching you chew things right in the front, using your new-found teeth, is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

We’re still having trouble getting you to drink from a cup. We own one of every kind now! You’ve taken a few drinks here and there, but nothing substantial yet.


I’d have to say that my favorite milestone from this month is definitely you shaking your head. I was on Instagram one day and saw another mommy had posted a video of her eight month old shaking her head and I thought… Hey! I bet my little genius can do that! Sure enough, it took you a whole two days to pick it up! I’d say “Noooooo” while shaking my head and you would copy me! It was so much fun and I felt like I had the bragging rights until your dad started singing “beep bo beep bo beep bo” while he danced, and you started shaking your head to that instead of my nooo. Hmph!

 They see me rollin…

Month nine was also the start of the dreaded separation anxiety stage. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, not even close, but you have started to cling on a little tighter at the church window, and going to a stranger is probably not happening. Your dad and I get so tickled with you when you go back and forth between us, but I think he gets so much joy out of it when you refuse me and cling to him. There is NO DENYING – Jaxx LOVES his daddy!


Another awesome Jaxx-ism is your excited face. It seriously has to be the funniest thing ever! It’s so neat watching you discover new things, find new emotions, and express those emotions. I’ve even seen the beginnings of a fit or two! When you are excited, you tense up and shake a bit while making the most precious face.


You enjoy riding around the house in your sister’s pink doll jeep…


knocking over stacks of blocks…


looking at books…




  and climbing the stairs!

I finally had to install a gate and you will just stand there and shake it with both hands, fussing, expressing your frustration.

You are constantly banging on something and you love to strum your daddy’s guitars.


Your very first Halloween is coming up and the struggle of trying to find the perfect costume for you is real! I cannot wait to see you all dressed up!


I figure you may even be walking by then. You’re so close now! You have yet to take any unassisted steps, but you will stand for a few seconds at a time. Otherwise, you are pulling up or speed crawling, pushing off with your right leg, all over the place.

We are having so much fun with you!



You have brought such joy to our home and our family, that I cannot even remember what life was like before you…


and I wouldn’t want to.

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