Yard Sale Panties

The holidays are upon us, friends. Cheers!

Most everyone is looking forward to visiting family, watching football, playing games, eating unreasonable amounts of food and lounging in clean clothes on comfy couches in warm and cozy homes. I mean, let’s be honest. I know I am!

Yet, a week ago, my husband shared a story with me and it has been stuck to the back of my eyeballs every since. I cannot get it out of my head…

We hear the stories. We see the ads. We share the viral posts and we even weigh-in with our privileged opinions and ideas. Guilty. Even as I type, I have yet to make an attempt to even put a dent, a mere scratch on the surface, in the enormous issue of homelessness and poverty in the very city I live in. It’s about changing your mindset. Sending the non-perishables that you haven’t used to the food drive so your kid can win a pizza party for his classroom hardly qualifies. What about the food you left in your pantry for your family? What if you put THAT FOOD in the bag and YOU kept the cans you donated? Change your mindset. Cleaning out your child’s closet and bagging up their hand-me-downs to send to Goodwill doesn’t do it either. How about the latest Nikes you’re eyeing for your 15 year old? What if you bought and gave those to a needy teenager instead of your own? Change your mindset.

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The Red Lamp

If I told you that my dad was watching over my brand new infant son, his namesake, the first couple weeks of his life outside of the womb… would you believe me?

Sometimes you just feel something in your soul.

I have only talked about this with a couple of people and have wanted to blog about it many times, but I always talk myself out of it. My lack of confidence in being able to put into words what actually happened is heavy. Many will try to find logical explanations for what happened.

But, sometimes you just feel something in your soul.

My dad died very suddenly and unexpectedly in August of 2014, while I was 5 months pregnant. Naturally, it rocked me to the very core of my being. I have experienced many deaths in my family and even friends, but losing a parent is indescribable. I don’t think there is an age that makes it necessarily better or worse, but I do think that in your adulthood, it sure feels stronger than it might in your youth, simply because you have become “friends” with your parents. You have grown out of the resentment and grown into respecting them. A very real part of your soul dies when you lose a parent. There really are no words… IT JUST SUCKS.

Jaxx Henry was born in December of 2014. A beautiful, bouncing, and very healthy baby boy, blessed with his Pappy’s name, yet he would never get to experience those giant hands holding him. He would never hear that deep voice say “Hey boy.” He will never know his grandfather.

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