Yard Sale Panties

The holidays are upon us, friends. Cheers!

Most everyone is looking forward to visiting family, watching football, playing games, eating unreasonable amounts of food and lounging in clean clothes on comfy couches in warm and cozy homes. I mean, let’s be honest. I know I am!

Yet, a week ago, my husband shared a story with me and it has been stuck to the back of my eyeballs every since. I cannot get it out of my head…

We hear the stories. We see the ads. We share the viral posts and we even weigh-in with our privileged opinions and ideas. Guilty. Even as I type, I have yet to make an attempt to even put a dent, a mere scratch on the surface, in the enormous issue of homelessness and poverty in the very city I live in. It’s about changing your mindset. Sending the non-perishables that you haven’t used to the food drive so your kid can win a pizza party for his classroom hardly qualifies. What about the food you left in your pantry for your family? What if you put THAT FOOD in the bag and YOU kept the cans you donated? Change your mindset. Cleaning out your child’s closet and bagging up their hand-me-downs to send to Goodwill doesn’t do it either. How about the latest Nikes you’re eyeing for your 15 year old? What if you bought and gave those to a needy teenager instead of your own? Change your mindset.

This is my point.

Just because we think we have good hearts and we want to help doesn’t mean we’re doing it. Do you have the heart of a servant?


I’m rambling.

In my husband’s place of employment, his soul is thoroughly soaked in perspective daily. His eyes see the impoverished. His ears hear their stories. His heart breaks for the people parking their grocery carts in front of the building he works in. His mouth speaks prayer over the lives he is surrounded by. His hands do the work that we are so thankful for. His mind is exhausted with thoughts of humility.

Amongst the chaos and gloom in the air, he recently overheard a conversation between a mother and daughter on a $1 cell phone that he had just provided. The mother excitedly told her daughter that, “God is so good! I found panties that fit at the yard sale!” She then went on to tell her how they could use the money she saved… on food.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

While you’re feeling sorry for her/them, I’ll be over here reflecting on her grateful heart.


Can you even fathom the thought of being that excited that you could feed yourself because you saved money by finding underwear that someone else had worn? Can you imagine the amount of money she saved? Can you imagine the state of her current undergarments?

Change your mindset.


One thought on “Yard Sale Panties

  1. vickithorin says:

    Wow! Thank you for this story. I am a Christian woman yet I fall short and mess up daily. I am so thankful we serve a loving and forgiving God! I do not, and never will, deserve the Grace and salvation that Jesus bought for me with His blood and I am so thankful that we are free to worship our God in our country when so many others do not have that privilege and that honor! I am guilty of donating used clothing to the Hannah Home and putting canned goods in the mailbox around the holidays for food drives. While I don’t think this makes me an insensitive person or someone who is oblivious to the many needs of individuals right her in our own communities, our towns, our cities, and our country, I do think that I have done these things for so many years that its meaning may have been somewhat lost. I have purchased new toys for children at Christmas….but what about their everyday needs. Soap, towels, water, toothpaste and toothbrushes, good nutrition, and clothing. The basic things that we need to survive, let alone, thrive. Me and my girls have filled many shoe boxes at Christmas and sent them around the world, but what about the many people, children and pregnant women and elderly people here in our own country? Have I helped on a regular basis right here in my own community, county, state, or country?? When I think about that question, I am ashamed and reality slaps me right in the face. The answer is a big fat NO. I help others when asked or when I find out there is a need for them, but what about the thousands of people I don’t hear about from a friend or from church? I pray right now, that God will revive in me a true servant’s heart and a servant’s mindset. That 2016 will be different and that I will seek to find those who need help and that I will help them with their immediate need and help find resources to put them in contact with to sustain the help that I started. I am by no means rich, but I have time I can donate and sometimes, that means more than monetary things. Sometimes people just want someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to visit with them for they are almost always lonely. I am a disabled nurse so I have time to give!! My husband is a disabled veteran from Operation Iraqi Freedom and I see so many disabled veterans and some not disabled veterans when I go with him to one of his multiple doctor appointments at our local VA. These men and women are also among the forgotten.
    I think we are all guilty of jumping to judgement of others if they don’t fit the mold for what we consider, worthy of our time. Wow! Praise the Lord that He doesn’t look at us this way. I know I wouldn’t make the cut to receive grace and forgiveness and an eternity with Him ….if we had to earn it, how many people would actually do so? I k of I couldnt. But we don’t have to earn it, it is given to us by our loving Father. He wants us to love people….read that again. He wants us to love people. Not people we deem worthy or clean enough to hug…just people, all people.

    Thank you so much for this post. It has really made me look at myself and question my intentions and why I only give when asked or during the holidays. I’m here to tell you that if God had not placed alot of different people in our lives in just this past year, who helped us without being asked, we would be homeless. While waiting on all of my husband’s benefits and pay to get processed by the VA, we needed help very badly but didn’t ask. God absolutely put people into action to help us and to even help us buy a few things for our daughters for Christmas!!! So when I said, I’m not rich by any means…I was talking about rich with money. For I am rich with a wonderful family and wonderful friends and a gracious, faithful, merciful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am truly blessed. But I pray, in 20q6, since I have all of this time on my hands and can no longer work as an RN, that God will help me seek out those in need of a friend, of a pair of socks, places to volunteer to make a difference in someone’s life, and yes, to seek out people just like the lady in this article and buy her new panties and food.

    Thank you and God bless!!

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