Exciting Eleven Months

Baby to toddler, right before our very eyes!


Exciting doesn’t even cover it…


November was so jam-packed full of milestones, that I don’t even know how to list them in order of greatness! I’d have to say walking takes the cake this month, but before that, you stood!

Standing was very exciting and you are a superstar at it!


It is so neat to look down and see my little person standing at my feet, reaching my knees! Look how tall you are already! Falling right in line with the Carter side of things!

You were full of tricks this month, as well!

throwing the ball…

putting a ball into things and then dumping it out…



brushing your hair…


You’re so smart!

All of these things are precious, but your wave melts hearts. I know our entire family will hold tight to the image of your sleepy face greeting everyone with that sweet wave. It is surely my favorite thing!

You’ve mastered a couple new “words” too! “Sadie” “uh-oh” and “TOUCHDOWN!” are the most fun, especially because you’ll throw your hands up to motion the touchdown!

You’ve got 8 teeth and you’re wearing size 18 months. We’ve put shoes on you a few times, but you don’t care much for them. I know one thing for sure, if Papa Brawley was still alive, he would have already insisted on buying you your first pair of “walking shoes,” just as he did for all three of your siblings.

Something new for Mr. Jaxx is that you’ve found a little temper! There is a certain toy that you got to bring home from Aunt Lindsay’s house because you absolutely refused to let go of it one day when I picked you up. We weren’t home ten minutes before you were so mad at that thing that you were having an all-out fit! It got so bad that we now have to hide that toy! If you see it, you want it so bad, but the minute you get it, you get mad at it!


You have quite a little sense of humor, laughing at things like someone blessing you when you sneeze and when your dad quotes ‘Lone Star State of Mind’ when he changes your diaper. He will hold up your new diaper and say, “This is my new one, Earl,” and you will crack up every single time.

Your favorite things to do includes climbing the stairs and crawling as fast as you can to try to get away from your best friend, Avery. She will chase you around, then jump out from her hiding spot and you will giggle and take off!

And then there’s Beanie…

I think it’s safe to say that you’ve got a protector for life, kid!

And a Mom-Mom that spoils you rotten!

We love you so much, Jaxx Boy! I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten.


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