Who is abcmommyof4?


Jesus lover. Mom of four. Wife to 1. Shower singer. Picture taker. Tall. Elf on the Shelf Professional. Dr Pepper addict.

I should tell you upfront that I love God first and above all else. I have only just begun digging into the Bible (thanks to the amazing man that I was lucky enough to marry, the leader of our family) and I am falling in love with it daily. I have a category in my blog called Daily Bread where I share a Verse of the Day from YouVersion. My intention is that if even one person is blessed by it that day, then I’ve done my job.

 My family is LARGE and in charge! I am a mother of four humans and one pup, and I am completely and utterly obsessed with all of them. With two girls and two boys, two September babies and two December babies, the spectrum is wide… especially since they range in birth years from 2000 – 2014! We have fun! We are busy! We are a mess! Your Song is another category in my blog and it is dedicated to the four of them. The deep meaning behind this category is to record “special” moments in real time so that one day they can be reflected upon and details will never be forgotten.

The rest of my blog is my take on trending topics, Social Butterfly and Hashtag, to real life mom-isms and my journey as an imperfect wife and mother,  Parenting and Scary Mommy. Finally, my own Personal heart, spilled out for the world to see. I lost my dad very suddenly and unexpectedly in 2014 and then in 2015, my very young brother was diagnosed with colon cancer. I use this category to write about that. It gets real in there.

Ultimately, my hope is that someone, somewhere can relate.


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