An Open Letter to THAT Mom

Sometimes more than one kid goes to a sleepover on the same night, and it is glorious. This happened to us last night, leaving us with only the baby and our teenager to feed. Since we are desperately trying to be more disciplined with eating out vs. eating at home, we took that as a green light an excuse to go to one of our favorite Chinese buffets in Tulsa, Beijing Gourmet on 61st and Memorial.

We sat at a 4-top table right next to a family with what appeared to be a mom, dad, teen, and a baby. Hayyyy! Same! Anyway… Upon returning to our table with my first plate, I couldn’t help looking over, as their baby (9-12 months-ish) was extremely loud. Now, obviously… this ain’t my first rodeo. Game recognize game. A loud baby doesn’t pierce my ears as much as it would most people; It just caught my attention and I looked over. It took about 2.5 seconds for my eyes to notice the floor beneath the highchair, covered with debris.


There were grapes and noodles and rice and napkins and straws, oh my!

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An open letter to the guy who thinks it’s cool to propose at someone else’s wedding.

You may have seen an article that has gone viral in the last day or so regarding a proposal… at a wedding… right in front of the bride and groom. If not, check this out: Tacky Proposal

This is definitely not the first time we’ve seen this, and sadly won’t be the last.

Let’s just take a step back and walk through this.

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An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies

Once in a while, there is a ray of positivity that needs to shine. This is wonderful.

The Belle Jar

Dear Friends Who Take Selfies,

I want you to know that I love it when you post pictures of yourself. I know selfies get a lot of bad press, but I think they’re rad. They give me a little window into your life, and you’d be amazed at how much I can get out of one little photo.

I love your pictures because I love seeing what you’re wearing – the outfits you build give me ideas about how to mix it up with my own wardrobe, and seeing you work your shit gives me courage to try clothing that I otherwise might have thought was too outlandish or revealing.

I love seeing how you do your hair and makeup. You look like a hot babe and I wish you would make YouTube tutorials explaining how you get your eyeliner just so. I want you to post pictures every time you change your…

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An Open Letter to my Daughter, The Encourager.


You are an incredible little girl!

Over the last ten days, you’ve amazed me with your tenacity. The disappointments (and I use that term loosely) you’ve faced recently may seem gigantic to you, but to me, they are huge stepping-stones to greatness.

You are a leader.

It is my great hope that you know your worth now, right at this moment, and never question why you didn’t “get in.” If you can handle a loss or failure with dignity and grace and choose to exude confidence and class, you are already miles ahead of your peers.

What do I always say?

“Hold your head high and smile. You can cry in the car with your momma.”

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