Our Top 5 Tulsa Splash Pads

TO have in my back pocket for a sunny day…

THE 918

by Bethany Proffitt

As a mom of two boys and two girls ages 7, 6, 2, and 1, I have learned to appreciate a good splash pad on a sweltering Oklahoma summer day. Though we go to our pool, Park Plaza South, almost every day, we frequent Tulsa area splash pads almost as often. We tend to follow a splash-pad-in-the-morning, nap-in-the-afternoon, and pool-in-the-evening routine. I love splash pads for two nearly equal reasons. First, the risk of one of my children drowning is significantly decreased, and second, I don’t have to change into my swimsuit. Just comfy shorts and a t-shirt and I’m splash-pad appropriate.

When planning any trip, it is good to be prepared. However, because I rarely actually plan a trip to the splash pad I have developed an “Always Prepared” system (I’m an Eagle Scout by marriage). It’s not easy to take your kids to the park…

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A reply to a comment left on the blog I wrote about the pool party in McKinney, TX.

Kelly K

Ok, so this is an open letter to someone who commented on my wife’s blog yesterday about the bikini girl getting taken down by the police. If you would like to read the blog she wrote or don’t know what I’m talking about, go here first.  Bikini Girl Goes Down Also,  make sure you read the comment that was posted.


This blog is a letter to the woman who left the comment….

Dear Outraged Human,

I wanted to reply to your reply on my wife’s blog because I found your comment so ridiculous that it was almost humorous. First let me point out something before I dissect your comment, I completely respect your right to post and say whatever you want. I also believe in loving people no matter what and I try not to judge anyone. That’s not my job, even though some people put me to the test….

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