A Missed Opportunity

I missed an opportunity last night… and it has bothered me for exactly 13 hours and 31 minutes……. and counting.

As a parent, is it not our job to build up and encourage our children? How many times are we faced with the agonizing task of actually telling them the truth or padding it to protect them? I have been a mother for just over 15 years now, and it has become more apparent in recent years that as my babies grow older, this “task” of brutal honesty vs. loving parent rears its ugly head more and more often. Yes, I know the politically correct responses are to “tell them the truth!” “don’t coddle them!” and I’m “doing more damage than good!”

There’s an old cliché saying that falls right in line here – easier said than done.

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Don’t Puke on Santa!

As I drove home from work today, exhausted from elfing way past my bedtime for too many nights, I was thinking about how awesome it was going to be to get home and relax. But, as I often do, I suddenly thought, “what can I do to make this night more busy than it has to be? Oh, I know! It’s a great night to go see Santa and get the kids’ picture with him!”

So, after rounding all four of them up, we were off! The line is 500 miles long, but hey I would walk 500 miles (see what I did there) for my kids to have their picture with Santa so, we waited… and waited.

Finally, about an hour later, we’re fifth or so in line.

Suddenly, I hear what sounds like liquid spilling onto cement and turn to see that Jaxx has vomited, Linda Blair style, ALL OVER Avery, and himself, and the floor, and Santa’s fake snow. Standing frozen, Avery’s eyes are about as big as apples, as she is completely soaked in puke. We clean them both up with wipees and a receiving blanket that I had stashed in the bottom of the diaper bag just for disasters like this. Lucky for me, Avery’s scarf caught the majority… not so lucky for her so, off that went.

Third in line.

Jaxx is pale and I’m on my hands and knees cleaning the floor. Avery is beside herself because she reaks of puke.

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Exciting Eleven Months

Baby to toddler, right before our very eyes!


Exciting doesn’t even cover it…


November was so jam-packed full of milestones, that I don’t even know how to list them in order of greatness! I’d have to say walking takes the cake this month, but before that, you stood!

Standing was very exciting and you are a superstar at it!


It is so neat to look down and see my little person standing at my feet, reaching my knees! Look how tall you are already! Falling right in line with the Carter side of things!

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Yard Sale Panties

The holidays are upon us, friends. Cheers!

Most everyone is looking forward to visiting family, watching football, playing games, eating unreasonable amounts of food and lounging in clean clothes on comfy couches in warm and cozy homes. I mean, let’s be honest. I know I am!

Yet, a week ago, my husband shared a story with me and it has been stuck to the back of my eyeballs every since. I cannot get it out of my head…

We hear the stories. We see the ads. We share the viral posts and we even weigh-in with our privileged opinions and ideas. Guilty. Even as I type, I have yet to make an attempt to even put a dent, a mere scratch on the surface, in the enormous issue of homelessness and poverty in the very city I live in. It’s about changing your mindset. Sending the non-perishables that you haven’t used to the food drive so your kid can win a pizza party for his classroom hardly qualifies. What about the food you left in your pantry for your family? What if you put THAT FOOD in the bag and YOU kept the cans you donated? Change your mindset. Cleaning out your child’s closet and bagging up their hand-me-downs to send to Goodwill doesn’t do it either. How about the latest Nikes you’re eyeing for your 15 year old? What if you bought and gave those to a needy teenager instead of your own? Change your mindset.

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The Red Lamp

If I told you that my dad was watching over my brand new infant son, his namesake, the first couple weeks of his life outside of the womb… would you believe me?

Sometimes you just feel something in your soul.

I have only talked about this with a couple of people and have wanted to blog about it many times, but I always talk myself out of it. My lack of confidence in being able to put into words what actually happened is heavy. Many will try to find logical explanations for what happened.

But, sometimes you just feel something in your soul.

My dad died very suddenly and unexpectedly in August of 2014, while I was 5 months pregnant. Naturally, it rocked me to the very core of my being. I have experienced many deaths in my family and even friends, but losing a parent is indescribable. I don’t think there is an age that makes it necessarily better or worse, but I do think that in your adulthood, it sure feels stronger than it might in your youth, simply because you have become “friends” with your parents. You have grown out of the resentment and grown into respecting them. A very real part of your soul dies when you lose a parent. There really are no words… IT JUST SUCKS.

Jaxx Henry was born in December of 2014. A beautiful, bouncing, and very healthy baby boy, blessed with his Pappy’s name, yet he would never get to experience those giant hands holding him. He would never hear that deep voice say “Hey boy.” He will never know his grandfather.

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Hey there, Mr. Cool Kid!


Remember last month, when you were desperately in need of a “big boy” car seat? Well, you finally got one… it just took some getting used to.


You’ve had so many fun milestones this month!

You’re waving, and it is the sweetest little wave ever! You’ve spent this entire month at home with your daddy and his favorite thing is when he comes in to get you in the mornings, you’re standing in your crib waving at him.

You’ve also mastered the art of clapping! Yay! How fun! We had to keep it traditional and sing patty-cake at first, but now we’re just clapping for anything. Seeing you happily put those fat, little hands together warms my heart. Big smiles all around!

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Faith > Fear

When you don’t have a foundation built on God’s Word, it’s very easy to allow Satan to weasel his way in and between everything you have going on in your life, big or small. When you take hit after hit, it’s easy to throw your hands up and give in to the attack. When you don’t know how to fully saturate yourself in faith, it’s easy to worry and fear things that are beyond your control.

There are so many people praying for you, Garrett! Satan doesn’t want you to heal! He knows he can’t attack us, the ones who are praying, so he’s going to attack you. You’re the weak spot right now. He’s going to make things look worse, he’s going to tell you that nothing is working, and he’s going to tell you that you can’t be healed.



You have a choice!



Surrendering your life means:

Following God’s lead without knowing where he’s sending you;

Waiting for God’s timing without knowing when it will come;

Expecting a miracle without knowing how God will provide;

Trusting God’s purpose without understanding the circumstances.

 Healing comes when you focus on the best and let go of the rest.

WE WILL keep praying! WE WILL keep speaking faith and thanking God!

Normal people see and then speak about it…

We will keep speaking what we expect to see!

Let your faith be bigger than your fear.